direct evil dead 1983

direct evil dead 1983

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Evil Dead ou La Mort diabolique ou La Nuit des démons ou L'opéra de la terreur au Québec . Evil Dead, Hollywood Vidéo, 1983 ;; Evil Dead, Empire Vision, 1989 ;; Evil Dead, Initial, 1990 ;; Evil Dead, Hollywood Hits, 1991 ;; Evil Dead, . The Evil Dead is a 1981 American supernatural slasher film written and directed by Sam Raimi . The first VHS release of The Evil Dead was by Thorn EMI in 1983, and . Though it has often been considered an odd choice for Raimi—a director known for his violent horror films—to direct a family-friendly franchise, the hiring . The Evil Dead (1981). NC-17 1h 25min Horror 15 April 1983 (USA). Stephen King's description of The Evil Dead—“over the top . like a . In 1988, punk icon Iggy Pop hired Sam raimi to direct the music video for “Cold metal. . .org/video/1rWaBSn2mY9B/twilight-Zonethe-evil-Dead-the-Grey-Fox-1983. King . Case in point: Jackson's highly-regarded Dead Alive is perhaps the goriest, . In a nutshell, this was Ash (Bruce Campbell) in the original Evil Dead (1983), Vic . of Raimi's style that Jackson's films have often been termed the “direct progeny” . In loose terms, Evil Dead Trap's plot seems to prefigure Ring. . to Dario Argento- the maggots-on-the-ceiling scene is a direct lift from Suspiria (1977)- and some rapid 'knee-level' tracking shots reminiscent of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead (1983). . Alien (1979), The Thing (1982), Dawn of the Dead (1978), Halloween and Halloween II (1978, 1982), the Friday the 13th series, The Evil Dead (1983), and so . One of the most relentless films about demonic possession is The Evil Dead (1983). Its gimmick is that people who are possessed can be destroyed only by .


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